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The Full Story


At Global Retail Ventures (GRV) we believe that businesses need to be better than just good, they need to do good as well. But becoming a company that is more than just a mission statement is very complicated work. GRV is here to help with our team of industry leaders. We provide expert services to help our clients achieve their goals in products and profit, while balancing their purpose with verified performance and transparency on their global impact. We have the experience, tools and insights to help companies understand how to implement measurable, long-term positive impact on our planet.


Our mission is to create innovative and inclusive spaces to drive sustainable products to market for a positive global impact.


Our Approach to Sustainability


For GRV, sustainability isn't just a practice; it's our guiding principle. By championing sustainable initiatives, we drive innovation, enhance resource efficiency, and uplift communities. Supporting GRV means contributing to a future where business growth aligns seamlessly with environmental and social responsibility.

We collaborate with businesses to develop and achieve their commercial and retail goals by creating custom retail programs with successful go-to-market strategies for sustainable operations and measurable positive global impact.


Our vision for Global Retail Ventures, LLC (GRV) is to be the leading partner for Retail: Design, Construction Procurement and Operations development. We work with our clients to take their unique vision and manage our suppliers, deliverables, schedule and budget process for them. We work with global suppliers offer our clients the quality, and best pricing only large retailers qualify for on their own. We drive our partners to monitor, measure and innovate for better sustainable impact on our planet. We fulfill this vision by our core values that provide a foundation for behavior, attitude and decision making that define our culture. 

Our Expertise

Founded in Scotts Valley, California, at the epicenter of where the high tech Silicon Valley meets the Pacific Ocean and Redwood Forests It is an organic location to remind us of our purpose and mission. The combination of our services, experience and expertise make our team the best in the world to help our clients.


With over 25 years proven results in the commercial and retail industries, we have worked for and helped startups to global technology companies create corporate offices, user experience centers, recording studios, doctors offices and global retail programs in every channel: eCommerce, First and Third Party & Omni-Channel.

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